Inside the growing Lithuanian wine market

Wine producers that conquer Vilnius will find a gateway to the Baltics and Belarus, says Michèle Shah.

Vilnius/Photo by Igor Gubaidulin on Unsplash
Vilnius/Photo by Igor Gubaidulin on Unsplash

The Lithuanian wine market is by far the largest market in the Baltics, growing steadily at an annual rate of 10-15%; the volume is estimated at some 31m litres, double the size of the Estonian market and 40% larger than Latvia. While it looks very promising it is also a complex, confusing market as the official wine sale and import statistics from Statistics Lithuania draw an inaccurate picture. It is sometimes better to refer to it as the Baltic market as it is estimated that up to 75% of wine that enters Lithuania is re-exported to the other Baltic countries.

The market at a glance

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