Wine trends in Norway

As the climate becomes warmer, Norwegian wine preferences are changing. Liora Levi reports.

Cru Vin & Kjøkken, Oslo
Cru Vin & Kjøkken, Oslo

After a record-breaking hot summer in 2018, the people of Norway left the shelves of Vinmonopolet empty of rosé wines. White and sparkling wines were the next beverages of choice. While sales of white and sparkling wines were up by 6.6% and 7.6% respectively, rosé sales soared by 26.1%.

Wine sales in general increased slightly in 2018, rising 1.9%. Red wine sales were down 2.8% while fortified wines dropped 4%. The non-alcoholic segment also increased, by 12.7%, so for the first time in the history of Vinmonopolet, more non-alcoholic beverages were sold than fortified wines.

Who is the Norwegian consumer?

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