Who’s Who in Germany

Germany has one of the world’s most stable economies, and is a key player and important influencer in the wine industry. Wolfgang Fassbender reports.

Monika Reule, Peer F. Holm, Stéphane Gass, Melanie Wagner, Gerhard Retter, Ilka Lindemann
Monika Reule, CEO, German Wine Institute; Peer F. Holm, the Sommelier Union Deutschland e.V, Photo: Nikita Kulikov; Stéphane Gass, Traube Tonbach, Baiersbronn, Photo: Nikita Kulikov; Melanie Wagner, Schwarzer Adler in Vogtsburg-Oberbergen; Gerhard Retter, Fischerklause/Cordo, Photo: Nikita Kulikov; Ilka Lindemann, editor, Weinwelt, Photo: Ralf Ziegler - Ad Lumina

To understand the history of the German wine trade you need to look to the country’s north. Eggers & Franke was founded in Bremen in 1804, Reidemeister & Ulrichs started in the same place in 1831, and another Bremen-based firm, Ludwig von Kapff, traces its history back to the year 1692, making it, alongside Carl Tesdorpf, one of the two oldest wine trading companies in Germany. For a long time, ships carrying barrels docked in the north of the country and their cargo was then distributed further inland. Despite the various mergers that have happened since, all these brands still exist today.  

The legendary Bremer Ratskeller (the city’s council-owned wine cellar) continues to be ...

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