The taste makers of New York

If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. But first, you have to impress a tough audience. Leslie Gevirtz introduces the power brokers of New York’s most significant restaurants and wine bars.

Rajeev Vaidya, Patrick Cappiello, Kevin Zraly, Kimberly Prokoshyn
Rajeev Vaidya; Patrick Cappiello; Kevin Zraly, Photo: Michael Bloom; Kimberly Prokoshyn

The wine business in this city can change faster than a New York minute; the sommelier segment has been evolving at speed for the past decade. Forty years ago, very few top restaurants had a sommelier. Today, even the not-so-top ones do. Where once double white tablecloths meant a man with a tastevin would come forward formally to discuss the wines to be served and present the bottles, today it may very well be one of three or four men or women dressed a tad less formally offering suggestions. 


Here are some of the most influential sommeliers in New York ...

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