Germany’s Top 10 retailers

If Germany’s distribution model is fragmented, its retail is even more so. Clemens Gerke untangles the situation.

Kölner Weinkeller is a German institution.
Kölner Weinkeller is a German institution.

The rise of online shopping has made it an uncertain time for German retailers – but the fact that almost all the retailers featured here are growing should be a good sign for the industry.

Many large wine merchants have not been included in this top 10 list. In particular, pure online retailers such as and Wine in Black are excluded. To be included in the top 10, at least 10% of wine sales must come from physical retail sales. The list also only includes retailers who specialise in wine, which means that companies like Dallmayr or Vom Fass, where wine accounts for less than 50% of sales, are not included. 

In order to emphasise the role of the wine retailer, the top 10 is weighted by wine sales to end customers. This makes it difficult for companies with a strong restaurant or wholesale focus, such as Garibaldi, to get into the top 10.

A look at Jacques’ Wein-Depot should be enough to ...

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