The Dutch communicators

Like everywhere else, old media in the Netherlands is giving way to the new. Cees van Casteren MW introduces the most influential communicators.

Source: NOM, october 2018; Source: Leonie Van Der Voet (Corknclever, 751 Followers Instagram, 156 Facebook)

Wine communications in Holland is in transition from traditional print media to social media. 

“A decade ago, when I would distribute a press release (for a brand or generic body), it would generate a free publicity score of 80%. Today it is 10% to 20% if you are lucky.” For Anouk Heida, owner-manager of Tot PR, the wine communications landscape in Holland is changing dramatically. The traditionally dominant print media is losing territory to bloggers and influencers, although at the moment it is still “thrilling” to have a brand recommended by the likes of Onno Kleyn or Harold Hamersma. 

The challenge, according to Elise Moeskops, co-owner of MoeskopsVroom, a food and drink PR agency, is communicating to ...

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