wine2wine puts out a call for speakers

Are you an expert in your field? Can you present in an engaging way and keep an audience interested? If so, apply to be a speaker at wine2wine, the forum that takes place in Verona each November.

Stevie Kim, CEO and founder, wine2wine
Stevie Kim, CEO and founder, wine2wine

Wine2wine, the wine industry forum that takes place in Verona each November, is currently looking for speakers to add to its line-up. The two-day conference, this year to be held on 25 and 26 November, brings international experts together to offer producers practical insight and information they can use in their businesses.

This year wine2wine will feature more than 100 speakers, including Bruce Sanderson, the senior editor of Wine Spectator; British television star Joe Fattorini and Gerard Spatafora, an e-commerce expert.

While around 80% of speakers will be specially invited, wine2wine is also looking to widen its net, to include new and talented voices.

If you are interested in applying, you will need to submit a full proposal, including a presentation title and abstract, along with a short video demonstrating your presentation skills. The presentation needs to be on a practical topic, that will give the audience practical tools to use in their own businesses.

The deadline for submission is 22 July 2019 and full submission details can be found here.

Meininger’s Wine Business International is a media partner for the event, and a report on the 2018 forum can be found here. An interview with Stevie Kim, the CEO, can be found here, which takes a look at  why and how wine2wine came into being.

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