Pernod Ricard moves into global e-commerce

Pernod Ricard moves into global e-commerce


French wine and spirits giant Pernod Ricard has announced the acquisition of Uvinum, a Barcelona-based wine e-commerce company. “Pernod Ricard’s acquisition of Uvinum is the natural evolution of our e-commerce efforts,” a spokesman at Pernod Ricard in Paris told Meininger’s. “It allows us to strengthen our technological and e-commerce expertise.”

Pernod Ricard said the acquisition of Uvinum was the French company’s first purchase of an e-commerce company, a move that heralds its first step into global e-commerce. “We have e-commerce at local level through our subsidiaries but not globally,” said the spokesman. “It s our first acquisition of an e-commerce drinks company,” he said.

Both Pernod Ricard and Uvinum declined to disclose the cost of the acquisition.

But  Barcelona daily newspaper, La Vanguardia, said the three founders of Uvinum – Nico Bour, Albert García y Albert López and their employees would remain working at the company’s offices in Barcelona under the ownership of Pernod Ricard.

Uvinum sells more than 80,000 wines, beers and spirits products in 14 countries and describes itself as Europe’s largest wine e-commerce business.

Following its launch in 2009, Uvinum secured more than €2m in three rounds of funding from shareholders including Tomás Diago, founder of software portal, Softonic and Jaume Gomà founder of online supermarket, Ulabox.

It started selling wine but now also sells beers and spirits.

According to Uvinum, 70% of its sales are from outside of Spain. The company employs 25 people in Barcelona.  Uvinum generated a turnover of €10m in 2016 and last year it told Spanish newspaper, El Pais, that sales in 2017 were expected to increase by 35%. The company has grown through competitive pricing having established a network of more than 150 suppliers and distributors. Uvinum directly distributes about 50% of its sales.
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