New wine authentification app launched

A French online auctioneer, iDealwine, has created a wine verification tool using blockchain and RFID technology.


iDealwine, an online French wine auctioneer, has taken wine authentication one step further, and created a wine verification tool to improve the traceability of fine wines.

Called WinDex, it has been built with blockchain and RFID technology, in partnership with Synvance, a technology consultancy firm.

 “Bottles verified by iDealwine are equipped with an inviolable RFID TAG which permanently guarantees the link between the bottle of wine and the information contained and transferred in the blockchain,” said Cyrille Jomand, CEO of iDealwine.

The bottle’s RFID chip contains full information about the wine—apart from the seller’s name—including photographs and information about provenance. The chips are destroyed if they are removed and they cannot be transferred to another bottle. All the information stored on the WineDex Blockchain is tamper-proof: no one can modify the information.

When the bottle is sold, the application allows the former and new owners to connect via the app.

If the condition of the bottle changes, a new authentication process can be necessary.

iDealwine is an online platform for buying and selling fine wines, with offices in both Europe and Hong Kong.

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