Côtes du Rhône launches its new campaign

Côtes du Rhône has always been trail blazing when it comes to advertising. They've just launched their latest campaign.

One of the new Côtes du Rhône ads
One of the new Côtes du Rhône ads

The Côtes du Rhône appellation has launched a new marketing strategy. Following its introduction during Wine Paris, it is now rolling out its new positioning across all of its key markets.

The new, eye-catching campaign focuses on the intrinsic features of the appellation which have enabled the Rhône to become one of France’s leading AOC. The campaign highlights its history, the expertise of its winemakers and wine merchants, cultural heritage and provenance with a contemporary feel and a touch of wit.

“Our new campaign showcases the key qualities that have made our wines so popular,” says Philippe Pellaton, joint president of the appellation.” We’re celebrating our terroir, experience, rich diversity and extraordinary heritage – elements that are truly unique to us. We’re convinced this visual approach will resonate with both the trade and curious wine lovers, in the UK and globally.” 

Côtes du Rhône has always been a trail blazer when it comes to advertising, from its iconic and multi-award winning Think Red campaign, to the data-driven ‘Everyday Sophistication’ London underground campaign of 2017.

For the latest campaign, Côtes du Rhône commissioned the Paris-based agency MOVEMENT, which has designed a series of colourful creatives that illustrate the appellation’s vibrant human and vinicultural history. Each of the visuals showcases a particular aspect of the Côtes du Rhône heritage. 

Alongside the new ads, Côtes du Rhône is introducing a new logo which is reflective of the region’s geographical and historical roots. In a design that is both modern and heraldic, the logo links three icons of the Rhône: The Bridge of Avignon (Pont Saint-Bénézet), the river and the vine – strongly cementing Avignon as the capital and historic birthplace of the appellation.

The new tagline, Distinctive wines since 125 BC, celebrates the region’s long history and its impact on the character, profile and quality of Côtes du Rhône wines.

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