Casella launches wine for the Harry Potter generation

Casella Family Brands, the company behind [yellow tail] brought their new Magic Box collection to ProWein.

The Magic Box Collection
The Magic Box Collection

Casella Family Brands, the company behind blockbuster wine [yellow tail], launched their new brand, The Magic Box Wine Collection, at ProWein this week.

“The idea behind Magic Box is really to appeal to a generation who have grown up with Harry Potter,” said Paul Turale, head of premium wine.

The wines are strikingly packaged, with the labels showing a magician’s image. Turale said the idea came from John Casella, who originally considered naming the wines after their taste profiles. “What we came up with is the way that when we get older, we lose our sense of wonder,” said Turale. “How can we do something that will let people step back and have a moment to themselves?” He added that they wanted to capture the concept of the winemaker being a type of magician.

Casella are aiming the brand at Millennials who find the wine category confusing.  “They’re coming into wine and don’t necessarily know much about it, and find wine as a category confusing and confronting,” Turale explained. He said Magic Box had some of the elements that have made [yellow tail] so successful, including being “packaged in such a way that they will appeal. But they’re still serious wines.”

When asked if people who come into wine via brands trade up to fine wines, Simon Lawson, general manager, said that in his experience, the “majority of people who are introduced to brands,” go on to develop a repertoire of wine drinking that changes according to the occasions they are exposed to.

“A lot of wine is occasion based,” agreed Turale. “There are people who are [yellow tail]during the week, who buy something different on weekends.” He also said that Casella data showed there were many drinkers who came in through the door of popular brands, who then traded up as their life circumstances changed. The team are hoping that Magic Box will act as the gateway to more premium, regional wines.

Casella Family Wines is Australia’s largest family-owned wine company, best-known as the home of blockbuster [yellow tail], launched into the US market in 2001. Today Casella has a wide brand portfolio and exports more than 12.5m cases to more than 50 countries. The Magic Box range has been launched in Australia and New Zealand and will be rolled out to the rest of the world between now and September. Individual wines bear names such as Butterbox and Pepperbox, as per Casella’s original idea.

An interview with managing director John Casella will be featured in Issue 3, 2019 of Meininger’s Wine Business International, out in June.
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