When wine becomes a brand

The theme of this year’s Meininger’s International Wine Conference was ‘wine as a brand’. Felicity Carter went along.

 Meininger's International Wine Conference 2019
Meininger's International Wine Conference 2019

If you’re an artisanal winemaker, is creating a brand important?

“Yes,” was the message from the Meininger’s International Wine Conference. “Does water need a strong brand?” asked Professor Karsten Kilian of the Faculty of Economic Sciences at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt. “Water is interchangeable – it’s just water with some minerals. So the cheapest one should win.”

Except, as he pointed out, famous brands of water command far higher prices than those without known brands. “The brand is more important than the product,” he said. “Brands are strong resonance fields.”

Why brands are important

According to Roman Becker, founder and managing director of 2HMforum....

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