The online challenge for wine

Felicity Carter pays a visit to HAWESKO, Germany’s number one online wine retailer, to hear more about its digital strategy.

HAWESKO headquarters in Hamburg/Christiane Paschke
HAWESKO headquarters in Hamburg/Christiane Paschke

The brick building in Hamburg is modern, with clean lines and plenty of windows – the kind of place that would house a tech company. It’s home to HAWESKO, the online retail arm of the Hawesko Group, one of the biggest wine merchants in the world.  

“We moved to this new office in August 2017,” says marketing manager Alex Kim. “Before that, our office was located in Tornesch,” a small town 25km north of Hamburg. The move to the city has had a major impact on the business, he says, bringing in an influx of young and digital-savvy employees.
The timing couldn’t be better, because HAWESKO is gearing up for the next digital challenge: to stay at the top of Google rankings.

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