The fine wine marketing mistake

Professional women are beginning to outearn their male colleagues. Felicity Carter asks why the wine trade ignores their spending power.

Kristi Faulkner, president, Womenk!nd
Kristi Faulkner, president, Womenk!nd

One of the world’s most famous advertising slogans was born in 1947 when De Beers launched its “A diamond is forever” campaign. Today, diamonds are synonymous with engagement rings.

In 2003, advertising agency JWT created another success for De Beers with its “Raise your right hand” campaign, which encouraged affluent women to buy their own diamonds. The campaign boosted diamond sales by 15%.

As women become wealthier, makers of luxury products like Porsche and Mercedes are racing to court them. These new, female-focused goods are not cheap – the Bentley Continental GT Cabriolet is priced around $250,000, for example.

But in wine? While the wine industry talks about women and wine, in practice it offers them oceans of cheap rosé, sparkling and Moscato. Fine wines stay locked in the cupboard marked “Men”.

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