The must-attend conference

Felicity Carter reports from the third edition of the MUST – Fermenting Ideas conference in Portugal.

MUST - Fermenting Ideas
MUST - Fermenting Ideas

Paul Mabray has a warning for the wine industry: “Winter is coming.”

The compelling CEO of Emetry, a Californian data company, came bearing a list of threats to wine. An industry too invested in certifications and scores. Gimmicky private label wine. Young wine drinkers who can’t afford wines over $20. And wineries that think their profitability is assured if they build magnificent temples of wine to attract visitors. “Imagine me flying to San Jose to test drive a Tesla and then flying back while they ship the car,” said Mabray. “It’s a terrible model.” 

He added, “The great American engine has slowed down. We’ve got problems and I don’t think they’re getting any better.”

There was more. A lot more. This, after all, was MUST – Fermenting Ideas.


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