Styles & Regions

To brett or not to brett

As viticulture and winemaking techniques change, Brettanomyces is on the rise. For some wine lovers, no amount is acceptable, while others find it adds complexity. Robert Joseph experiments on some tasters.

Wine at altitude

Grapes grown at higher altitudes ripen differently to their counterparts further down. Wink Lorch looks at the new push to establish vineyards at ever higher heights.

Meunier emerges

In the holy trinity of Champagne grape varieties, Meunier has not only suffered the indignity of coming third, but it’s also been given the wrong name. Christian Holthausen reports on Meunier’s makeover.

Cava still struggles

Cava has yet to capitalise on the buoyant international sparkling wine market. Patricia Langton asks if the scenario could change anytime soon.

Welcome to the club

Direct-to-consumer wine shipping was worth $1.82bn in 2014 alone, says Leslie Gevirtz. It’s a market sector that encompasses everything from wine clubs with regular shipping plans, to private clubs for cashed-up networkers.

The challenge of Riesling

While the ‘Riesling Renaissance’ article is a staple of consumer wine magazines, the position ­of Riesling is not so clear-cut. Richard Woodard goes looking for answers.

Spain’s white revolution

Sommeliers from San Francisco to Sydney are looking for crisp Spanish whites for their wine lists. James Lawrence reports on the remarkable growth of white wine exports, from a country more famed for its reds.

The buyers of New York

New York may be one of the USA’s most dynamic wine markets, but it’s also one of the toughest to break into. Leslie Gevirtz asks the power players for advice on how to make it in the Big Apple.

The selling of pleasure

Rosé, once the poor cousin of the wine world, has become a powerhouse style. Dr Jamie Goode reports on the innovation and experimentation, both marketing and technical, that’s taking place in Provence.

The green white wine

Thanks to a new approach to viticulture coupled with strong marketing, Austria’s Grüner Veltliner as taken the world by storm. Richard Woodard looks at the evolution of this popular variety.

The buyers of Denmark

After years of suffering the economic fallout of the global financial crisis, Danes are feeling cheerful again, and this is translating into spending more money on wine. Elsebeth Lohfert meets the buyers responsible for sourcing wines for Denmark.

The buyers of Sweden

Although Sweden’s wine retail is dominated by Systembolaget, the government monopoly, consumers can buy from independent retailers online. Vincent Arrhenius reports.

France’s other sparkling wines

While Champagne sales are slowing down, the French are thirstier than ever for sparkling wine, says Sophie Kevany. But a new generation of sparkling wines are making their way onto the shelves, from wine over ice to international imports.

Protecting the name of Prosecco

The astonishing rise in sales of Prosecco shows no signs of slowing. But with great success comes the temptation to flood the market, and brings imitators and counterfeiters in its wake. Veronika Crecelius reports on the region’s attempts to protect itself. 

It’s not all about price

Germany has a reputation for being an extremely price-sensitive market. Professor Dr. Dieter Hoffmann of Geisenheim University, however, says the situation is more complicated than people think and that there is a big premium segment.