Power lists

Tasting day in Sweden

With 431 stores throughout Sweden, the Swedish monopoly Systembolaget is the biggest wine buyer in the world. Felicity Carter discovers how the wines are chosen.

A Hong Kong institution

As Hong Kong’s wine consumers become more sophisticated, Watson’s Wine banks on reinforcing storefront trust. By Panos Kakaviatos and Robert Joseph. 

On the block

A look into the window of one of the US’s most notable wine bars reveals a new business model. Scott Saunders pays The Butcher Shop a visit.

Spain’s fine wine merchant

Anyone who wants to understand Spain’s on-trade needs to understand Vila Viniteca. Jürgen Mathäß pays the company a visit.

Argentina’s wine embassy

Gaucho, an international steakhouse chain, has single-handedly raised the profile of Argentinian wines in the UK and other markets. Adam Lechmere pays a visit.

Norway’s tastemakers

In the last 25 years, Norway’s growth in wine expertise has been some of the most impressive in the world, with Norwegian sommeliers showing well internationally. Mai Tjemsland MW reports.

Revolution in Denmark

The gastronomy bombshell known as Noma has influenced a whole generation of restaurateurs and sommeliers, leading to an extraordinary burst of creativity, finds Elsebeth Lohfert.

Sweden’s top sommeliers

Sweden has a knowledgeable wine market, and it’s normal for good restaurants to have sommeliers, says Elke Jung. Not surprisingly, Sweden has produced some superstar sommeliers.

East Coast trends

The eastern seaboard of the US includes Boston, New York and Washington DC, the country’s financial and government centres. Scott Saunders looks at what people in this dynamic part of the country are drinking.

The business of private label

As the US market becomes more competitive, big retailers and restaurant chains are turning to private label. Jeff Siegel maps out the process of creating private label wines.

Going their own way

Luigi Cecchi was a man who had sharp instincts for where the wine industry was heading. His decisions laid a good foundation for the current business, finds Felicity Carter.

Poland’s wine champion

For twelve years, Robert Mielżyński has redefined fine wine sales on the Polish market. Today, his position is as strong as ever. Wojciech Bońkowski reports.

The wine retailer with mojo

Australia’s online wine retailer Vinomofo is about to take on the world. But is the world prepared for them? Jeni Port finds out more.

Sommeliers in the sun

The seaport city of Miami, Florida, is one of the most visited cities in the US. Yet it’s only in the past decade that the sommelier scene has begun to flourish. Scott Saunders looks at the growth.

Boston’s top pourers

Founded in 1630, Boston is one of the most historically significant cities in the US, not least because it played a key role in the American Revolution. Local writer Scott Saunders goes looking for the city’s most notable sommeliers.