Power lists

Sommeliers in the sun

The seaport city of Miami, Florida, is one of the most visited cities in the US. Yet it’s only in the past decade that the sommelier scene has begun to flourish. Scott Saunders looks at the growth.

Boston’s top pourers

Founded in 1630, Boston is one of the most historically significant cities in the US, not least because it played a key role in the American Revolution. Local writer Scott Saunders goes looking for the city’s most notable sommeliers.

The taste makers of New York

If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. But first, you have to impress a tough audience. Leslie Gevirtz introduces the power brokers of New York’s most significant restaurants and wine bars.

Meet the Canadians

The Canadians are some of the most well off wine lovers in the world. But they’re also highly diverse, depending on where they live. Treve Ring gives a snapshot of Canada’s wine economy.

A very big deal

American Presidential candidate Donald Trump doesn’t touch alcohol, yet he owns a well-regarded winery, if one with a turbulent backstory. Roger Morris reports from Virginia on Trump Winery and the art of the steal.

A new club in London

When Grant Ashton admitted he was overwhelmed with wine, his friends confessed they were in the same boat. Adam Lechmere visits 67 Pall Mall, to see what they did with the overflow.

Who’s Who in Germany

In a decentralised country like Germany, it can be difficult to work out who the most important people are. Jürgen Mathäß has created a guide.

The top sommeliers in Germany

Germany is the world’s biggest import market and, as elsewhere, it’s sommeliers who are  the tastemakers. Sascha Speicher identifies the sommeliers making the most impact.

En Primeur in question. Again.

Is En Primeur on its last legs? Is it more important than ever? Who’s in and who’s out? Adam Lechmere enjoyed the annual festival of angst.

The lion of Walla Walla

In the famously collegiate wine industry winemaker Charles Smith likes to go his own way. It’s a strategy that’s brought him success, as Roger Morris reports.

Cuba opens its doors

The Caribbean island of Cuba has remained locked in Cold War hostilities with the US, long after other nations. But the ice is melting. Larry Walker asks what this means for wine.

The wine playground

Where do cashed-up wine lovers go to engage with wine? Adam Lechmere reports on Honest Grapes, the company that aims to offer wine with something extra.