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Latest Articles

Malbec’s own country

Close to 70% of all Argentine wine grows in the region of Mendoza, including the country’s most famous vintages. Jürgen Mathäß reports.

Cabernet, the monarch of the vineyards

Despite all the talk of new varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon remains the world’s most popular red. Robert Joseph charts its rise

Wine nights in Bangkok

Thailand’s wine scene is booming, says Debra Meiburg MW. She reveals what people are drinking, and who the taste makers are.

Who’s Who in Prosecco

Prosecco has been one of the great vinous success stories of the past decade. Elisabetta Tosi identifies who has made that possible.

Australian wine takes a step towards Italy

International varieties dominate Australian vineyards. But, reports, Michaela Morris, one nursery is gradually turning things around. She speaks to the Chalmers family.

How to raise the price of a wine

If a winery wants or needs to raise its prices, what are its options? Jeni Port considers four different models.

A new wine benchmark for the Southern Rhône

Cellier des Dauphins, one of the most innovative wine groups in France, has launched a new range that has set the critics talking.

Pancho Campo robbed at gun point in South Africa

Event organiser Pancho Campo found himself in a sticky situation on a recent visit to South Africa. He told his story to Felicity Carter.

Michael Clarke to retire from Treasury Wine Estates

Michael Clarke shocked the Australian stock market on Monday when he announced his retirement from Treasury Wine Estates, wiping more than $1 billion off the value of the company.

Does it matter where a wine is bottled?

Bulk wine shipping means a wine created in one part of the world may be bottled far from home. Does this matter, or is it important for a wine's package to come from its source? Robert Joseph considers the issue.

Ettore Nicoletto to leave Santa Margherita

Ettore Nicoletto, the well-respected CEO of Italy's Santa Margherita Group, has resigned. Michèle Shah reports.

Chef wages war on ice cubes in wine

This week, a Parisian chef launched a social media campaign to stop people putting ice cubes in their wine. He spoke to Jeff Siegel.

Another Champagne vending machine appears - the start of a trend?

Another luxury hotel now boasts a Moët & Chandon Champagne vending machine. Is this a new route to consumers?

Private collection of natural wines hit auction market

Natural wine has hit the mainstream, with books, articles, bars and fairs popping up everywhere. And now comes a natural wine auction. Felicity Carter asks what it all means.

How scores changed the wine industry - for the better

Roger Morris thinks wine points are a sham. But he's also seen the profound impact that points have had on the US wine market - and he thinks it’s been positive.