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Latest Articles

France struggles to dump glyphosate

The issue of glyphosate has become politically toxic in France, Sophie Kevany explains why.

José Rallo to headline song-and-wine matching in Athens

How do you get an Italian CEO to visit a small market? Offer her a special gig.

Penfolds launches a Champagne

Australian winemaker Penfolds has launched its Champagne collection, created in collaboration with Thiénot.

Wine tasting in Westeros

Game of Thrones, one of the biggest television events in history, has spawned a range of merchandise. But is wine from a world of assassination, brutality and zombies safe to drink? Jeff Siegel convenes a tasting panel.

Why wine needs branding

Should wine be judged solely on its merits? Is that even possible? Robert Joseph says it's not, and explains why wine needs brands and marketing.

Private label emerges in the US

US retailers have yet to adopt private label in the high-quality way of their European peers. But, as Jeff Siegel reports, that may be about to change.

Australia's exports bounce back

Australian wine producers are seeing value return to their exports, with growth up in key markets including China and the USA.

Ste Michelle Wine Estates and Familia Torres go separate ways

Ste. Michelle Wine Estates and Familia Torres have mutually agreed to wind down their US business.

What's the point of wine evangelism?

It's one thing to try and engage people with wine, says Robert Joseph. But it's quite another to think that everybody has an inner wine lover who just needs to be liberated.

High speed ‘Wine Train’ boosts tourism to Castilian vineyards

A high speed train has been put into service to carry passengers from Madrid to Rueda and Ribera del Duero. Barnaby Eales reports.

Tio Pepe En Rama celebrates ten years

It's well known that the Sherry category is in decline. So how did one new product buck the trend?

Côtes du Rhône launches its new campaign

Côtes du Rhône has always been trail blazing when it comes to advertising. They've just launched their latest campaign.

How the modern Champagne bottle was created

There was a time when cellarmasters wore iron masks, to save their faces from exploding glass bottles. And then, an enterprising German changed everything. Barnaby Eales explains.

Where's the Riesling?

Whose responsibility is it to get consumers to try things? Should supermarkets be trying to widen their customers' tastes? Robert Joseph weighs in.

Valuable wine destroyed in French warehouse fire

Up to two million bottles of wines and spirits were destroyed by a fire that raged through a warehouse in Bordeaux.