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Latest Articles

The end of the wine spreadsheet

Winemakers are hit with constant requests for product information. Felicity Carter reports on a better way to answer the demands.

That awkward phase

Do wine regions go through adolescence? Robert Joseph explores the idea.

New wine authentification app launched

A French online auctioneer, iDealwine, has created a wine verification tool using blockchain and RFID technology.

Issue 3, 2019

What keeps the wine tourists coming?

It’s generally more profitable to keep existing customers than acquire new ones. Robin M. Back PhD looks at how one wine tourism investment that inspires return visits.

Climate change at the tipping point

A report on the the latest iteration of the Familia Torres climate change conference by Felicity Carter.

Vinexpo 2019: A turning point for Europe's fairs

Vinexpo’s visitor numbers plummeted by 30% this year. Felicity Carter asks how the fallout will affect other fairs.

Wine profits at the lower end

When everyone is talking about trading up, why are some wine companies going the other way? Jeff Siegel investigates.

Galileans turn wine into water

Wine-based beverages have been proliferating in the past few years, and now there's a new drink on the shelves: wine-infused water from Israel. Sophie Kevany reports.

Chris Yorke appointed managing director of Austrian Wine Marketing Board

The successor to Willi Klinger has been announced. It is Chris Yorke, the global marketing director of New Zealand Winegrowers.

The wine world sees what it wants to see

People see what they want to see, says Robert Joseph. And that could spell trouble for some, including the English sparkling wine industry.

Hatch Mansfield chooses its 2019 carbon offset project

UK wine agency Hatch Mansfield chooses a project each year to offset its carbon footprint.

It's time to re-think single origin wines

Transregional and transnational blends of terroir products like coffee can creating exciting new tastes. Robert Joseph asks why can't we try the same thing in wine.

New Alentejo wines signify the search for cool

The Symington family's new wines come from a sub-region of the Alentejo in southern Portugal. These are the first wines the family has made outside the Douro—and presage more to come from this region.

A new Austrian wine history is launched

Willi Klinger, the head of the Austrian Wine Marketing Board (AWB), launched a comprehensive history of Austrian wine during this year’s Austrian Wine Summit.