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Latest Articles

Oil and gas owners make another Bordeaux acquisition

Château La Tour de Mons has been sold to the Perrodo family, in the largest Bordeaux vineyard sale of the year. Sophie Kevany reports.

Are California's fires a sign of the new normal?

The catastrophic Kincade fire may be contained, but is it a sign of things to come? If so, will wine producers have to plan for wild fires? Jeff Siegel looks at the evidence.

Australian exports hit new records

The Australian wine industry is booming once again, with exports hitting record highs.

Alto Adige prepares for climate change

At the Aldo Adige Wine Summit, dealing with climate change and invasive pests was on the agenda. Michèle Shah reports.

Why are wineries using wax seals when so many people hate them?

Retailers and consumers alike complain that wax seals on wine bottles are hard to open and spread shards of wax everywhere. So why, asks Aaron Ayscough, do winemakers persist in using them?

Prosecco harvest is down

Wines from the 2019 Prosecco vintage will be the first made in line with new production regulations.

Björn Borg inducted into the Jurade of Saint-Émilion

Swedish tennis legend Björn Borg has had a glittering career. And he is now an ambassador for the wines of Saint-Émilion.

The economics of ageing wine

What is ageing wine worth, and who should be responsible? Robert Joseph looks at an issue that's far from simple.

Two wineries in Puglia sabotaged

Under cover of night, two wineries had their tanks opened, releasing 40,000 hectolitres of wine and must.

Wine producers and US importers delay price increases

On 18 October, the US goverment imposed tariffs of 25% on French, German, Spanish and UK wines under 14% abv. Leslie Gevirtz discovers that wine producers and US wine importers won't raise their prices until after the New Year.

Rioja celebrates a high quality harvest

Weather conditions were tricky and yields were down, but the Rioja Consejo says the wines are going to be exceptional

Burgundy may not be such a great investment after all

The financial media has claimed that investing in fine wine yields better returns than other asset classes. Andrew Chalk looks at one of these claims and finds it's full of holes.

Wine tourists to Chile advised to be careful

Civil unrest is gripping Chile and travellers are advised that there are transport delays.

Marlborough producers take another step to fight the imitators

Tired of seeing their Sauvignon Blanc blended into other wines, a group of Marlborough producers created Appellation Marlborough Wine. Now it's been trademarked.

Is there a slowdown in US wine sales?

Alcohol is piling up in warehouses across the US, says Jeff Siegel. Does this mean wine isn’t selling – or is something else going on?