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Latest Articles

In defence of winemaking technology

Fans of natural wines claim that conventional winemakers are creating manipulated and artificial products. Robert Joseph hits back.

Meininger writers shortlisted for Roederer Awards

Simon J Woolf and Rebecca Gibb MW have been shortlisted for the prestigious wine communication awards.

When will a wine label backfire?

Tank Garage Winery caused a small storm on social media this week, when they released a wine with a pornographic label. Is there a place for such labels?

Australian wine exports increase in value

Australia is selling less wine to the world, but earning more money for it.

ProWine China on a growth curve

ProWine, the annual wine exhibition held in Shanghai, is seeing registration growth.

Fizz pops in Sacramento

The craze for sparkling wine shows no signs of slowing down, creating demand in new markets. Sophie Janinet reports on a bubbles-only bar in Sacramento, California. 

What is the point of replica wines?

Like perfume makers that create copies of famous scents, a new group of people are copying well known wines. Robert Joseph considers the phenomenon.

Registrations are up for Wine Paris

An influx of registrations for Wine Paris 2020 suggests the birth of a new international fair. 

Montblanc joins sponsors of Louis Roederer Wine Writer Awards

Montblanc, the luxury German pen company, is to sponsor the Emerging Wine Writer category of the Loius Roederer Wine Writer Awards.

Champagne producer to plant a tree per bottle purchased

Sophie Kevany reports on a Champagne with a unique consumer benefit.

Time to declare sweetness levels in wine

How much information do consumers need to know about their wines? Robert Joseph argues that sugar levels, at the very least, should be declared.

The value of wine criticism: A conversation with Eric Asimov

What is the proper role of the wine critic? Is it more than simply reviewing bottles? Eric Asimov, Chief Wine Critic of The New York Times, shares his wine writing philosophy.

Collectors eye Bordeaux over Burgundy

Wealthy collectors are looking beyond Burgundy, finding value once more in Bordeaux.

Bring back buttery wines

Should winemakers have to make styles they don't personally like, if there is consumer demand for them? Robert Joseph weighs in.

UNESCO adds Prosecco hills to World Heritage list

The Conegliano and Valdobbiadene hills, the home of Prosecco, were added to UNESCO's World Heritage list on Sunday.