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Latest Articles

Russians grapple with a new excise tax

After importers exploited a loophole meant to help Russian wine producers, the Russian Finance Ministry stepped in. Igor Serdyuk reports.

Orange wine to be taught at the WSET

The WSET Diploma of Wine syllabus now includes information on orange, or amber, wines, signalling mainstream acceptance of the ancient style.

The must-attend conference

Felicity Carter reports from the third edition of the MUST – Fermenting Ideas conference in Portugal.

Portugal’s Quinta do Noval buys Quinta do Passadouro

AXA Millésimes, the wine arm of AXA Insurance, has acquired Quinta do Passadouro in Portugal.

America's domestic wines fight back.

US wine sales are rising, driven by a renewed interested in domestic wines.

Time to rethink the restaurant wine ritual

The way that wine is offered in restaurants is confusing and bound to lead to problems, says Robert Joseph.

Coming soon: Issue 4, 2019

The next issue of Meininger's Wine Business International will be out shortly. Here's a sneak preview of what's in the magazine - plus an opportunity to see your product featured.

The fine wine marketing mistake

Professional women are beginning to outearn their male colleagues. Felicity Carter asks why the wine trade ignores their spending power.

Hopes for post-harvest agreement on French pregnancy drinking pictogram

New rules for a pictogram that warns pregnant women against drinking alcohol are being debated out in France. Sophie Kevany reports.

Is the wine customer always right?

The purpose of the small pour is for the customer to ensure the wine isn't corked. But what's the right response if the customer hates the wine? Robert Joseph offers some thoughts.

A wine that's never been exposed to light

A sparkling wine made in complete darknes?  A Slovenien winery says they have done it.

Growing threat of trade disruption in wine markets

More people are paying more money for their wine than ever before, according to a new report. But there are clouds on the horizon.

Penfolds celebrates anniversary by releasing its new Collection

Penfolds isn't just celebrating its 175th anniversary, but also its success in the Chinese market.

Schloss Wachenheim acquires Pieroth Retail

The Schloss Wachenheim Group, one of Europe’s largest suppliers of sparkling wines, has acquired Pieroth Retail.

Italy's main Pinot Grigio region stops new plantings

The Consorzio Doc delle Venezie has announced that no more vineyards can be created in its area, for a period of three years, starting on 1 August 2019.