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Latest Articles

Registrations are up for Wine Paris

An influx of registrations for Wine Paris 2020 suggests the birth of a new international fair. 

Montblanc joins sponsors of Louis Roederer Wine Writer Awards

Montblanc, the luxury German pen company, is to sponsor the Emerging Wine Writer category of the Loius Roederer Wine Writer Awards.

Champagne producer to plant a tree per bottle purchased

Sophie Kevany reports on a Champagne with a unique consumer benefit.

Time to declare sweetness levels in wine

How much information do consumers need to know about their wines? Robert Joseph argues that sugar levels, at the very least, should be declared.

The value of wine criticism: A conversation with Eric Asimov

What is the proper role of the wine critic? Is it more than simply reviewing bottles? Eric Asimov, Chief Wine Critic of The New York Times, shares his wine writing philosophy.

Collectors eye Bordeaux over Burgundy

Wealthy collectors are looking beyond Burgundy, finding value once more in Bordeaux.

Bring back buttery wines

Should winemakers have to make styles they don't personally like, if there is consumer demand for them? Robert Joseph weighs in.

UNESCO adds Prosecco hills to World Heritage list

The Conegliano and Valdobbiadene hills, the home of Prosecco, were added to UNESCO's World Heritage list on Sunday.

Domaines Barons de Rothschild to release first Chinese wine

DBR has announced the September launch of their new prestige Chinese wine.

Russia looks at ban on Georgian wines

Tensions are once again flaring between Tbilisi and Moscow, with wine caught in the middle. Eugene Gerden reports.

When is wine judgement more than just opinion?

When faced with an unfamiliar or new style of wine, what is the fairest way for a wine professional to respond? Robert Joseph gets into an argument.

How the Supreme Court decision could upend the US wine market

The US wine market has been fragmented and difficult to navigate thanks to its three-tier sales system. A recent Supreme Court ruling may make life easier for US wine retailers - but could make life harder for wineries that rely on DtC sales. Liza B. Zimmerman reports.

Europe's heatwave cooks French vines

Europe's late June heatwave shattered temperature records, closed schools and put medical services on high alert. It also cooked French vines, as Sophie Kevany reports.

Write your way to an all-inclusive trip to Hungary

The Hungarian Web Writing Awards are open once again. Submit your work and be in with a chance to spend four days immersed in Hungary's landscapes and wines.

Seven new grapes approved in historic Bordeaux AOC vote

The Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur wine producers’ syndicate has approved the use of seven new grape varieties, in an attempt to grapple with climate change. Sophie Kevany reports.