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Latest Articles

Ettore Nicoletto to leave Santa Margherita

Ettore Nicoletto, the well-respected CEO of Italy's Santa Margherita Group, has resigned. Michèle Shah reports.

Chef wages war on ice cubes in wine

This week, a Parisian chef launched a social media campaign to stop people putting ice cubes in their wine. He spoke to Jeff Siegel.

Another Champagne vending machine appears - the start of a trend?

Another luxury hotel now boasts a Moët & Chandon Champagne vending machine. Is this a new route to consumers? Felicity Carter takes a look.

Private collection of natural wines hit auction market

Natural wine has hit the mainstream, with books, articles, bars and fairs popping up everywhere. And now comes a natural wine auction. Felicity Carter asks what it all means.

How scores changed the wine industry - for the better

Roger Morris thinks wine points are a sham. But he's also seen the profound impact that points have had on the US wine market - and he thinks it’s been positive.

Bordeaux wines priced too low

Jamie Ritchie, head of Sotheby's global wine business, says the price of Bordeaux is too low relative to other prestige regions. He spoke with Roger Morris.

Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger steps down from Champagne Taittinger

Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger, who brought the eponymous Champagne House back into the family, has passed the company on to the next generation.

What do people say about wine on Twitter?

A new survey by GlobalData shows the wine topics that grabbed people on Twitter in the third quarter of 2019.

Bilingual app launched for Chinese visitors to Napa

A California technology company has developed a WeChat Mini Program in conjunction with the California International Trade Office, to help make life easier for Chinese tourists.

How the blackout hit California's wineries

On Wednesday, 9 October, California's electricity was shut off in a series of rolling blackouts. Jeff Siegel found out what happened next.

Natural wine opens a path to profits

One winery has accelerated growth and profitability after exploring the natural wine scene. Simon Woolf talks to Jan Matthias Klein of Staffelter Hof in the Mosel.

Wine quality versus wine profitability

It's easy to focus solely on wine quality if you have an independent income, says Robert Joseph. What are the choices for everybody else?

French wine producer introduces arcade-style wine game

Luc Belaire, a French wine producer, has launched an old-fashioned arcade game for wine.

Champagne sales fall in France

The French are drinking less Champagne, thanks to a restrictive new law plus a generally gloomy outlook. Sophie Kevany reports.

The natural wine craze hits China

Young and cosmopolitan Chinese consumers are exploring natural wines. Jim Boyce finds out what's happening.