300 years young

Chianti Classico has just turned 300. But the appellation’s history is only beginning. Wojciech Bońkowski reports.

Cyprus recovers

For more than a decade, Cyprus has suffered one economic blow after another. But, says Dr Caroline Gilby MW, some wineries are now thriving.

Georgia’s moment

As the wine world discovers natural wine, Georgia’s ancient wine culture is attracting attention. Darrel Joseph visits Khakheti, one of its biggest wine regions.

Italy’s border region

Alto Adige sits at the intersection of the Alps, and the Mediterranean and Adriatic seas, and while the nationality is Italian, the language is German. Adam Lechmere samples the wines.

Amazon and the wine trade

Amazon has made several forays into selling wine in its online store. Now on its third attempt, it’s using everything from personal sommelier advisers in Japan, to encouraging other businesses, like Laithwaite’s, to list on its site, to entice consumers to buy their wine from Amazon. Will Amazon kill the wine retail business, the way it’s killed so many other specialties? 

Our senior editorial team go head-to-head on the issue.

Wines from the edge

As Marina Mayevska, managing editor of Ukraine’s Drinks+ magazine, reports, Europe’s easternmost wine regions have been through tumultuous times.

The pioneer

An interview with Susana Balbo by Felicity Carter

The temptation of the Champenois

Champagne has traditionally made its wines from blends. But, as Roger Morris reports, producers are increasingly willing to showcase their prized single vineyards.

The return of the corkscrew

New technical innovations by cork manufacturers, combined with consumer demand from new exports markets, is seeing a return to cork closures. Robert Joseph reports.

In the footsteps of Homer

Mathilde Hulot took a drive through the Thracian Valley in Bulgaria, a region renowned for its wine grapes in ancient times.

Wine from the Caspian Sea

Azerbaijan may be a predominantly Muslim country, but the government is keen to capitalise on its ancient wine heritage. Darrel Joseph reports.

A tribute to wine

The race is on to find a way to create wine in a laboratory. Is such a thing possible? Felicity Carter asks the scientists.

The political wine region

The Canberra Wine District is within 30 minutes’ drive of Australia’s national capital. Thanks to an errant politician, it’s been in the news. Jeni Port takes a look.