Cork fights back

The cork industry has not only been working to eliminate TCA, but is also taking cork in new directions. Felicity Carter reports.

Beyond the qvevri

Georgia is building its international reputation on artisanal wine. But, finds Simon Woolf, there is plenty of industrial wine being produced.

Muscadet gets on the train

Rebecca Gibb MW visits Muscadet, a region undergoing a revival after years of problematic vintages and low prices. But can they seize the moment?

French connections

France was once the undisputed champion of the wine world. Have decades of competition eroded that claim? James Lawrence takes a look.

Soave’s two-speed economy

Soave is both a dry white wine made from Garganega, and an Italian region trying to create a premium identity. Giles Fallowfield reports.

A new suite of data tools

Although computing algorithms have transformed industries from medicine to retail, they haven’t yet touched wine. Felicity Carter says that’s about to change.

The view from the summit

An interview with Penny Richards by Robert Joseph

Advice on doing business in eastern Europe

What’s it like doing business in Eastern Europe? James Lawrence asks experts with local knowledge.

Taking a virtual winery tour

Rebecca Gibb MW looks at the emergence of virtual reality and how it can be used to enhance the wine experience.

Taste sensation

An interview with Tim Hanni by Robert Joseph

Perspectives - Midwest USA

While the US is a major destination for wine importers, many prefer to stick to the east and west coasts. However, there is a whole world of consumers in between, as James Lawrence discovers.

Priorat’s new structure

Having seen the need for a quality classification, Priorat winemakers have made it happen. Miquel Hudin reports on the result.

Flame thrower

Alice Feiring is not just a writer and passionate advocate for natural wines. She’s also controversial, as Felicity Carter discovers.

The Border wines

In a region bathed in blood by two world wars, winemakers of two nationalities work hand in hand toward a new future. Wojciech Bońkowski reports from the Italian-Slovenian border.