The financial analyst

An interview with Rob McMillan by Robert Joseph

Where there’s a will there’s a fake

Counterfeiting of desirable wines is a growth industry and it’s becoming more sophisticated. Adam Lechmere finds out how to spot a fake.

A new wine exchange

Although bulk wine doesn’t get its share of attention, it’s big business. And now, finds Robert Joseph, someone has built a bulk wine exchange.

Grandes Pagos ignites terroir debate

Some of Spain’s top estates have come together to promote a terroir story. James Lawrence discovers this is not without controversy.

A swirl of blenders

That Rioja is considering introducing regional designations has shaken some producers. Adam Lechmere pays a visit to some passionate blenders.

In their own words

Jeni Port reveals the startling results of the first-ever international women in wine survey, involving hundreds of women across six major wine-producing countries.

Being in the luxury business

An interview with Christopher Descours by Felicity Carter

Solving Chile’s conundrum

Chile has the ability to make wine from any grape in any style. But, as Roger Morris reports, the hard part has been crafting its brand image.