The Vino Nobile gap

The market for vineyards in Montepulciano is booming, reports Michaela Morris. But will these investments ever pay off?

There’s an app for that

The technology exists to predict what music and movies customers will enjoy, but nothing similar has existed for wine. Until now. Felicity Carter meets Amy Gross.

The mousiness problem

The reduction of sulphur has allowed an unusual wine fault to emerge. Simon Woolf asks why some wines taste like the bottom of a mouse cage.

Vinexpo’s CEO

An interview with Guillaume Deglise  by Robert Joseph

A revolution in closures

Vinventions doesn’t just offer different types of closures – it wants to revolutionise the category. Felicity Carter paid a visit.

New Zealand’s red secret

Hawke’s Bay, situated in the North Island, produces some of New Zealand’s most notable red wines. Yet, says Rebecca Gibb MW, it struggles for attention.

The beauty of aged vines

South Africa has large areas of old vines that are waiting to be found. Felicity Carter hears about the search and rescue efforts.

The financial analyst

An interview with Rob McMillan by Robert Joseph

Where there’s a will there’s a fake

Counterfeiting of desirable wines is a growth industry and it’s becoming more sophisticated. Adam Lechmere finds out how to spot a fake.