Bubbles or nothing

There’s more to a Champagne bubble than meets the eye. Felicity Carter attends a virtual tasting, where all is revealed.

The sportsman

An interview with Nick Pringle by Robert Joseph

Perspectives - Germany

Germany is the world’s biggest import market by volume, but it can be a difficult place to do business. The market is highly fragmented and divided into distinct regions, and consumers stubbornly resist paying higher prices for their wines. James Lawrence speaks to exporters who have achieved success, regardless of the obstacles.

The Superman of yeasts

There’s a lot of talk about wild yeast fermentations, but how wild is really wild? Treve Ring visits the Lallemand Oenology conference to find out.

A brutal pathogen

Vine diseases are moving at a rapid clip across the world’s vineyards. Michaela Morris looks at how Monferrato in Italy is being affected.

Barrel innovations

The oak barrel is expanding, says Robert Joseph. First there were staves, then there were chips and now there’s an essence.

Keeping pace with a changing wine mindset

An interview with Stephanie Gallo by Robert Joseph

Perspectives - Brazil

Less than a decade ago, there were high hopes for the so-called BRIC markets of Brazil, Russia, India and China. Since then, China has boomed, Russia is improving, India is still difficult, and Brazil remains promising. It has a wine-loving population, but economic challenges. James Lawrence speaks to experts who work in the market.

The wines of Mexico

The region of Baja California is not, as the name suggests, in the US but in Mexico. Larry Walker finds out more.

Cork fights back

The cork industry has not only been working to eliminate TCA, but is also taking cork in new directions. Felicity Carter reports.

Beyond the qvevri

Georgia is building its international reputation on artisanal wine. But, finds Simon Woolf, there is plenty of industrial wine being produced.

Muscadet gets on the train

Rebecca Gibb MW visits Muscadet, a region undergoing a revival after years of problematic vintages and low prices. But can they seize the moment?

French connections

France was once the undisputed champion of the wine world. Have decades of competition eroded that claim? James Lawrence takes a look.