Sweden’s love affair with the bag-in-box

In many markets, wines served from a box carry a stigma and are unlikely to be drunk by connoisseurs. But in Sweden, producers who choose not to take advantage of the format are missing out on sales. Erica Landin looks at the issue from all sides.

Beyond Tagus

The past 30 years have seen a wave of new investments in Alentejo in Portugal, a region that has weathered the crisis better than many. Dr Luís Antunes takes the temperature of the region and asks where it’s likely to go next.

Wines of stone

Galicia, a remote area of Spain, has traditionally offered a hard-scrabble life to those who farmed it. Today, says Adam Lechmere, the very things that made it a tough place to live have proved to be excellent for producing wine.

The dark market of Turkey

Turkey has an emerging wine industry producing wines that have already proved successful in the international arena. But domestic politics are playing havoc on the home front. Dr Caroline Gilby MW reports.

How much is too much?

Until relatively recently, wine was assumed to be a natural, healthy product. But testing for pesticides has revealed that chemicals sprayed in the vineyard can appear in the final wine. As consumers become more savvy, says Sophie Kevany, the pressure to abandon pesticides will increase.

Macedonia seeks its identity

It’s not just that Macedonia is known for bulk wine – it’s also that their own name is used elsewhere. Dr Caroline Gilby MW looks at what Macedonia needs to do to become known for quality wines.

Champagne reassesses

These are good times for sparkling wine producers – as long as they’re not Champenoise, who are watching as consumers turn to alternatives. Giles Fallowfield reports on what’s happening and how Project 2030 may turn things around.

A snapshot of Portugal

Portugal was rocked by the global financial crisis but responded by reorienting to the global markets, says Dr Luis Antunes. He charts the changes and improvements in quality.

Mystic river

The Loire is France’s biggest and arguably best-known quality white wine region but, as Sophie Kevany reports, it has a lot more to offer than many outsiders imagine

The wine pitch

The digital economy has disrupted and overturned nearly everything it’s touched, as it’s connected people faster and made whole industries more efficient. Felicity Carter meets people trying to disrupt wine.

Concha y Toro’s man in China

An Interview with Cristián López by Robert Joseph

Wine and nutritional labels

After much wrangling and argument, US producers are now able to put calorie and serving size labels on their wines. Jeff Siegel looks at the issue.

A place of riches

Located at the southern end of South America, and shared by both Argentina and Chile, Patagonia is the stuff of legends. Daniel López Roca reports on the Argentine wine region of the same name.

A wine country under pressure

Thanks to a neighbouring war, the wine business in Lebanon is experiencing testing times. But there is cause for optimism as well. Stephen Quinn reports from Beirut.

The Castilian Priorat

Gredos, located southwest of Madrid, has yet to be named officially, or get its own appellation. But, says Victor de la Serna, it’s already attracting attention for the quality of its wines.