Problems in bulk

During apartheid, South Africa sold wine in bulk as a way of bypassing sanctions. But a history of being too comfortable with selling wine in bulk has come back to bite South Africa. Michael Fridjhon reports.

Burgundy takes Manhattan

Instead of flying journalists to Burgundy, the Burgundy Wine Board decided to bring their region to the journalists. Marisa D’Vari reports on a novel promotion to show influencers how Burgundian wines could fit with New York’s lifestyle.

Is your wine a GRABABA?

Column - Robert Joseph

Turning novices on to wine

The wine industry in the US state of Virginia is growing at a tremendous pace, capitalising on passing tourists. But what do you do if you’re not on the tourist trail? Felicity Carter reports.

Spain’s Top Five

Despite the economic downturn that has Spain in its grip, Patricia Langton discovers that Spain’s biggest wine companies are international players that are continuing to expand.

Blending at all levels

Blends is a global business that combines an international outlook with the philosophy of terroir. Richard Woodard takes a look at a global company that’s in the middle of an expansion effort.

Sparkling momentum in China

A Chinese dislike of cool liquids, not to mention an aversion to bubbles, has made sparkling wine a tough sell. But, as Jim Boyce reports, Champagne’s cachet is opening the market and even Chinese wineries are making bubbly.

A new broom at Moët

Jean-Guillaume Prats, previously the CEO at Château Cos d’Estournel, has taken the helm at Moët Hennessy Estates & Wines. He talks to Richard Woodard about the move and about plans for international expansion.

India’s currency woes

Although the number of Indian wine drinkers is going up, Subhash Arora finds that Indian importers aren’t having an easy time of it. Not only has the government imposed a whole new set of regulations, but the rupee’s dramatic devaluation has hit pockets hard.