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Column - Robert Joseph 

The forgotten valley

The Itata region of Chile, south of Santiago, is the home to some of the country’s oldest vines. Alistair Cooper MW paid a visit.

Romania’s turning point

EU funding has encouraged dozens of wineries to spring up in a short time. What are their chances of success? Felicity Carter goes to find out.

The hurdles of Central Otago

It’s one of New Zealand’s most sought-after regions, finds Jeni Port. But that’s the very thing that makes growing vines there a problem.

Carving a niche in the sparkler market

The Spanish sparkler is one of the world’s great wine styles and yet Cava doesn’t have a premium image. James Lawrence asks whether a new initiative can change things.

Cutting out the middle

Further consolidation within the wholesaler segment of the US market could mean less opportunity for mid-sized wineries. Jeff Siegel reports.

ALDI makes a play for USA

ALDI, the German discounter, has shaken up the market wherever it’s gone. And now it’s taking on the US. Liza B. Zimmerman reports.

The protection of Pinot Grigio

It’s difficult to protect a wine when it’s sold by variety. Elisabetta Tosi looks at a new measure being taken to define Italian Pinot Grigio.

The shipping news

US consumers who order wine online are getting stung with high freight charges. Panos Kakaviatos asks why.