New life in old vines

When international wines were in vogue, Navarra uprooted its old vines. But now winemakers are going back to the old ways, as Patricia Langton discovers.

The main segment

Column - Robert Joseph

Warming to its task

ProChile, the export arm of Chile’s government, has moved from helping big wine companies to smaller ones. Marcela Burgos investigates.

Natural inspiration

Natural wines paired with Mexican street food? How about with a skate ramp? Simon Woolf tracks Amsterdam’s singular natural wine scene as it evolves.

Loire sparkles

Sales of Loire Valley Crémant are surging as the style rides a sparkling wine wave. Roger Morris looks at what’s happening.

Tropical wine

The tropical resort island of Bali is known for its coral reefs, sandy beaches and active volcanoes. It also has a popular winery, as Keren Lavelle discovers.

A fine time to be vegan

The demand for a plant-based diet is rising in Europe and the USA, with vegan and vegetarian restaurants springing up across the Americas. Sophie Kevany looks at how this is translating into wine demand.

Waking the giant

US consumers are buying more of their wine in grocery stores, an important change in consumer habits that will have long-term effects, says Jeff Siegel

When the water runs out

South Africa’s drought is so severe that Cape Town has been in danger of running out of water. Michael Fridjhon looks at what this has meant for nearby wine regions.