A disastrous year for wine

The world’s vineyards were struck by fires, frost and drought in 2017, sharply reducing production. Liza B. Zimmerman asks what it means for supply.

Water woes

As climate change brings heat and drought, the wine industry is responding with irrigation. Michelle Bouffard asks how sustainable that really is.

Follow the Silk Road

Column - Robert Joseph 

An Italian cooperative

Barbaresco’s cooperative got its members through hard times, says Michaela Morris. What will the future hold now that things are easier?

Crus control

Once, Burgundy was divided into merchants and grape growers. Now, says Roger Morris, both groups are rushing to be more like each other.

Grand confusion

In many parts of France, the words ‘Grand Cru’ are a guarantee of superior quality. Not so in Saint-Émilion, as Rebecca Gibb MW discovers.

Oregon rising

The fourth biggest wine producing state in the US, Oregon is becoming renowned for its fine wines. Liza B. Zimmerman gives an overview.