Is there a ‘leading indicator’ for fine wine?

Many investment classes rely on leading indicators – a measurable factor that can be used to predict economic changes. Does one exist for the fine wine market? Sophie Kevany goes searching.

Champagne 2030

As Champagne’s position comes under increasing attack from upstarts like Prosecco, the region has responded with Champagne 2030. Richard Woodard reports on the project to retain Champagne’s position as the world’s pre-eminent sparkling.

Wine as a weapon of war

When Ukraine moved closer to the EU, Russia annexed Crimea, where much Ukrainian wine was produced. This action may open doors to EU wine imports and improve local wine quality. Panos Kakaviatos explains a complex situation.

Amazon cometh

Column - Robert Joseph 

Australia’s wine industry revamps itself

The Australian wine industry has undergone some spring cleaning, merging industry bodies to create the Australian Grape and Wine Authority (AGWA). Richard Woodard reports on the role of the new slimlined organisation charged with helping Australia recapture its export sales.

Wine becomes a state strategy

As the EU and Russia talk tough on economic sanctions, producers in many sectors are seeing their livelihoods threatened. But for wine and grape producers in Russia, the geopolitical tensions might create a bonanza. Eugene Gerden reports.

Perspectives - Trends in alcohol levels

Consumers and judges in the United States appear to continue to prefer high alcohols in their wines, if recent Wine Spectator ratings are anything to go by. Some parts of the rest of the world are reacting against perceived higher levels of alcohol, perhaps because of health concerns related to consumption of alcohol. How do Australian winemakers feel about alcohol levels, and are they moderating their winemaking techniques to account for any new global trend towards lower levels?

Is a US crackdown looming?

The Centers for Disease Control have released a study showing that one in ten Americans is being adversely affected by alcohol. Jeff Siegel asks what this means for the wine industry.

A snapshot of the Italian bulk wine market

As European harvests begin, bulk wine brokers are carefully monitoring weather and harvest levels. Italian wine broker Luigino Lazzaretto gives his view of the market.

Austria’s exports surge

Willi Klinger, the dynamic managing director of the Austrian Wine Marketing Board, had good news to deliver at the VieVinum wine fair in Vienna this June. He spoke to Felicity Carter.

The tipping point

Column - Robert Joseph 

Perspectives - London Wine Fair

The 34th London Wine Fair, held at London’s Kensington Olympia from 2 to 4 June, changed tack this year. Traditionally it has had an international appeal. This year organisers decided strategically to focus on the UK market. Stephen Quinn asked participants from four major wine-producing nations why they attended the fair, given the change of focus. Organisers said this year about 670 producers and importers showcased more than 12,500 wines.

Argentina’s wine industry adapts

Argentina, one of South America’s biggest economies, has had to grapple with reduced currency reserves and a current account deficit, which has had an impact throughout the economy. Daniel López Roca explains how it has affected the wine industry.

Still opportunity in Asia

When Vinexpo Asia-Pacific opened its doors in Hong Kong, there were questions over whether it would be affected by the Chinese slowdown. Robert Joseph was there to take the temperature.

Wine investment funds founder

Wine funds would appear to be in trouble, after a dip in Bordeaux prices and a string of high-profile closures. Defenders say much depends on the fund. Sophie Kevany reports.